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Tony Little calls himself America's personal trainer. He was first inspired ...
The muscle man with the ponytail was once on track to become Mr. America. But a car accident shattered Tony Little's hopes of competing. Just when he hit rock bottom, he got a life-changing idea.
Marion Barry, the former mayor of Washington, D.C., died early Sunday morning. NPR's Tess Vigeland speaks with D.C.-based Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page about Barry's complex legacy in the city he ran during four terms.
Much about what we know about Ebola was discovered in an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976. Joel Breman and Karl Johnson were among the first doctors to work on the outbreak.
Ferguson police statistics show the department does arrest African-Americans at a higher rate than it arrests other racial groups. But that disparity is true for police departments across the country.
Niecy Nash (right) plays Didi, a nurse at an extended care facility, in the ...
Nash says it took her a long time to see her comedic side as a gift, but she finally embraced it. Now her role as Nurse Didi in the HBO comedy series has opened the door to more serious opportunities.
Wencke Petersen, a Doctors Without Borders health worker, talks to a man thr...
At the height of the Ebola outbreak in Monrovia, one woman stood at the gates of a hospital, turning away patient after patient. The hospital had 100 beds for Ebola patients; all of them were full.