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SwiftKey analyzed more than a billion pieces of emoji data, organized by lan...
A study analyzes more than a billion pieces of emoji data across 16 languages and regions to gauge how different nations communicate. Most emojis sent are happy faces and other positive symbols.
Abe will have a summit with President Obama, sign a security agreement, and make an historic address to a joint meeting of Congress during his week-long visit.
Aftershocks don't seem to be letting up following Saturday's major earthquake in Nepal. Thousands are dead. We report on what things look like at one of the country's most celebrated heritage sites.
Public opinion on the subject of gay marriage has changed dramatically, and it will be interesting to see how the Republican presidential contenders come down on the issue.
The death toll continues to climb after an earthquake hit the small Himalayan nation of Nepal on Saturday. Renee Montagne talks Phil Ewert of the aid agency World Vision.
Six years ago, a task force caused a firestorm by saying women under 50 may not need routine mammograms. The controversy was so great, that Congress passed legislation overriding the recommendation.