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Several people have been injured over the last two days by motorists driving their cars into crowds. The government says the acts were not coordinated and the men aren't terrorists.
About this time every year, we present an encore broadcast of the life and times of Crumpet the Elf. Crumpet is the alter ego of writer David Sedaris who once worked as a department store elf.
As shoppers rely more on the Internet, the holiday rush at the mall is giving way to a bigger crush for the shipping industry. UPS and FedEx are trying to avoid last year's holiday delivery disasters.
When Congress returns to work in January, Sen. John McCain of Arizona is set to lead the committee, which deals with everything from the Pentagon budget to the U.S. war against the Islamic state.
Cocker was famous for both his unique voice and for a soulful style of singing that made it sound like he was pouring his heart out when he put his unique touch on hits such as "You Are So Beautiful."
David Greene talks to James Dwyer, a columnist for The New New Times, about what's behind the rift between New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the leadership of the police union.