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Lorenn Walker, now a lawyer, was assaulted in 1976 in an alley nearby this h...
In 1976, Lorenn Walker was attacked in an alley in Waikiki, Hawaii. That trauma inspired Walker, then a high school dropout, to enroll in college, become a lawyer and work in violence prevention.
NPR conducted an online poll asking listeners if they could hear the difference between cold and hot water simply by listening to the sound of the water being poured. Most listeners were spot-on.
The band Echo & The Bunnymen has released its first new album in five years, called Meteorites. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with frontman Ian McCulloch about the release.
NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to reporter Daniel Estrin about the latest out of Israel. Estrin spoke to the murdered Palestinian teen's American cousin, who was beaten and put under house arrest.
It's been a year since a train carrying crude oil exploded near a town in Quebec, killing nearly 50. The accident drew attention to the use of railroads to ship crude from North Dakota to the coasts.
Aaron Swartz was heavily involved in the popular 2012 campaign to prevent th...
Programmer and activist Aaron Swartz was a "complex person," says filmmaker Brian Knappenberger. He tells Swartz's story, including his legal battle and suicide, in a new documentary.