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Sen. Pat Roberts was expected to skate to re-election. Republicans now are panicked that he could lose to a free spending independent candidate, harming the GOP's chances of winning Senate control.
Steve Inskeep recaps the weekend's U.S. Open results with Courtney Nguyen, contributing tennis writer for Sports Illustrated.
American airstrikes pounded Islamic State position in Iraq's Western Anbar province to allow a coalition of tribal fighters and Iraqi forces to make gains.
Steve Inskeep talks to former Senate Majority leader and top U.S. diplomatic envoy George Mitchell about the stakes for a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians — and the importance of continued diplomatic leadership by the U.S. in the Middle East and beyond. Mitchell publishes a three-part series of editorials on the topic this week in the "Boston Globe."
An anti-gun group that has successfully targeted companies like Starbucks and Target set its sights on Kroger. Moms Demand Action wants Kroger to ban guns but gun-rights groups want the opposite.
After the game, reporters had their phones on a table recording the shortstop's remarks. That's when one reporter's husband called. Jeter picked it up and said, "Walt, she'll have to call you back."