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Doctored:  The Disillusionment of an American Physician cover....
In his new memoir Doctored, Sandeep Jauhar describes a growing discontent among doctors, and how it's affecting patients. He says rushed doctors are often practicing "defensive medicine."
The actions in Ferguson, Mo., have inspired talk about the militarization of U.S. police departments. The real question, is whether police have become militarized in their attitude toward the public.
The headline, Obama To Cut Costs By Packing Lunch Every Day For U.S. Populace, is a fake. To make sure you know that, Facebook is going to put the word satire in front of some links in your newsfeed.
David Greene talks with Roger Morris, vice president of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, about the reasons for the dramatic decline in car thefts over the past 20 years.
How much does it cost to raise a child these days? The government says it costs $245,340. That's for a child born in 2013 and covers the period from birth to age 18. College not included.
Kelly McEvers talks to Beth Kanter, author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, about the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge and fundraising on social media.