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The first case in the current Ebola outbreak in Africa was found a year ago. Dr. Dan Cooper, a British health worker volunteering at a treatment center in Sierra Leone, describes how things are now.
Springfield Road cover....
Salena Godden grew up in 1970s England with a Jamaican mom and an absent English-Irish dad. In her memoir, Springfield Road, she looks back on her struggle to find her personal identity.
Recent research has shown that zebra finches sing differently when drunk, bu...
The songs of zebra finches, long used as a model for how humans learn to use speech, get a little sloppy after a few drinks, a new study finds. Future research will look at how it affects learning.
Employees of the U.S. Radium Corporation paint numbers on the faces of wrist...
In the 1920s, working-class women were hired to paint radium onto glowing watch dials — and told to sharpen the brush with their lips. Most died within a few years, but Mae Keane quit, and survived.
Sony's movie, The Interview, was meant to be just a silly comedy, but now it's a symbol of free speech. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to its screenwriter, Dan Sterling.
An AirAsia plane has disappeared over the Java Sea. The plane took off from Indonesia's second-largest city and was headed to Singapore.