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Voters in India are going to the polls in the first stage of a nearly 6-week national election. The BJP's charismatic and controversial chief is stirring the electorate with the promise of change.
Massachusetts Republicans have lost the last 92 U.S. House races in a row. It's the worst GOP losing streak in the country. But, Republicans think they've found their savior in Richard Tisei.
On Saturday, voters turned out in large numbers despite threats of Taliban violence. It will take weeks to learn who will become Afghanistan's next president. Hamid Karzai can't run for a third term
Mickey Rooney began his career as a toddler and starred with some of the biggest names in show business including Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner. He was at an Oscar party in March.
To kick off Poetry Month, we are crowdsourcing prose poems from our Facebook fans about their favorite neighborhood blocks, from Brussels to Tuscaloosa to the Bronx.
It wouldn't be a hockey game without a brawl — even if it's a charity match. Video shows police and firefighters throwing punches at each other. The team of cops beat the firefighters 8-5.