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An anonymous buyer gets the manuscript which is 16 pages of a mix of handwritten and typed drafts — including notes. The papers may give new insight into what Don McLean wanted the song to mean.
Stan Freberg, the acclaimed satirist who brought humor to the world of advertising, died Tuesday at 88.
NPR's Stefan Shepherd reviews the children's album Trees by Billy Kelly and Molly Ledford.
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul announced his candidacy for president Tuesday in Louisville, Ky. In a speech to supporters, Sen. Paul vowed to "take our country back."
British voters will go to the polls in one month in an election that may determine the future of the British welfare state. Prime Minister David Cameron will face Labour Party leader Ed Miliband.
Twelve-year-old Sam Holtz beat out 11.57 million other brackets to win the ESPN Tournament Challenge, which means he now enters a random raffle to win the grand prize.