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Carol Ann Susi played Howard Wolowitz's mother Debbie on the Big Bang Theory. While her character was unseen on camera, there was no mistaking her voice when she yelled, "Howard."
Russia's defense minister announced the long-range strategic bombers patrol missions on Thursday. The Pentagon says Russia has the right to operate in international air space.
The incoming Congress will have the first black female Republican, a record number of women and minorities and the biggest GOP majority in the House since before World War II.
Since the 1960s, sterilization has been a prevalent method of contraception for women in India. Renee Montagne talks to Annie Gowen of The Washington Post about the recent botched sterilizations
NPR probes the regulatory loophole that allows mine owners to ignore government regulators and operate unsafe mines. For years, the owners have failed to pay penalties even as workers are injured.
Health officials in Switzerland say they're planning to test some experimental Ebola therapies in West Africa next month. The tests will take place at Ebola clinics set up by Doctors Without Borders.