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Pitching great Pedro Martinez, who helped end the Boston Red Sox World Series drought, talks about his new memoir Pedro.
St. Louis is fighting to keep its NFL team from bolting to Los Angeles. Proponents see an economic benefit to keeping the team, and they fear losing of the Rams will hurt the city's prestige.
To mark Cinco de Mayo, NPR revisits a "Found Recipes" story from Washington, D.C.-based Mexican cook, Pati Jinich. For years she'd heard about these soft, cakey cookies cut out in the shape of pigs.
Lots of states have underfunded pension systems, but New Jersey's ranks near the bottom. Christie's plan to cut pension payments even further is the subject of multiple lawsuits.
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks to Elizabeth Loftus, professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine, about inventing memories. False reports Monday said a man was shot by Baltimore police.
Thomas Edison's talking dolls were reportedly pretty robust, but their minia...
Thomas Edison built and sold about 500 dolls back in 1890. Now, new technology has made hearing their supercreepy voices possible for the first time in decades. (Thanks, technology.)