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The extremist Sunni group released a video it says shows their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in his first public appearance, giving the Friday sermon at a mosque in Iraq's northern city of Mosul.
NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with special needs lawyer Theresa Varnet and social entrepreneur Al Etmanski about the types of assistance available for families caring for a special needs child.
James Lee carries his son, Justin, to the shower. Justin's parents have a li...
Judy and James Lee's lives revolve around providing 24-hour care to their 16-year-old son. As they get older, they worry about who will eventually take care of him.
Imogen Davis catches Rufus, a Harris hawk, in the stands above Centre Court ...
At the tennis tournament this year, as in years past, a Harris hawk named Rufus has been soaring above the stadium. His job is to keep pigeons from trespassing onto the iconic grass on Centre Court.
This week Congress held a hearing to discuss the influx of unaccompanied children at the border. Ramon Garcia, a county judge in the Rio Grande Valley, talks to NPR's Kelly McEvers about the problem.
Despite Brazil's win against Colombia in the quarterfinals, fans aren't entirely sure they can win the tournament. One key player is out for an injury; another for racking up too many penalties.