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As a condition for further assistance in fighting the Islamic State, Turkey has requested the creation of a buffer zone just south of its border with Syria. Some U.S. officials are also calling for this, along with a no-fly zone.
The Edhi Foundation — synonymous with humanitarian work — was robbed over the weekend in Karachi. Over $1 million was stolen. Pakistanis are shocked that the respected group would be the target of such a crime.
Owners of vehicles with Japanese Takata airbags have been told to replace them immediately. David Greene speaks with David Shepardson of the Detroit News about the airbag recall.
With President Obama's popularity suffering, other big-name Democrats are trying to give candidates a boost. Steve Inskeep talks to NPR's Don Gonyea about what they're telling voters.
Brandon Wells of the Mississippi State Bulldogs takes the field before a gam...
Country music isn't the only American cultural institution rallying in the South. Commentator Frank Deford says the region has triumphed in college football, taking over where Big Ten had ruled.
The Giants won 7-1 against the Royals in Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday night. San Francisco snapped Kansas City's streak of eight-straight wins.