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The British drama depicts remarkable characters, including an angry teenager who meets two father figures behind bars. It's a prison film that's shattering beyond physical violence.
In taking on GE appliances, Electrolux will more than double its home appliance sales in the U.S. As part of the deal, Electrolux will continue using the GE appliances brand for that product line.
The Selfie Brush is a normal hairbrush — except that it has a pocket in which you can stick an iPhone.
Before speaking to the nation Wednesday, he plans to meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday to try to map out what role the legislative branch should play.
Sen. Pat Roberts was expected to skate to re-election. Republicans now are panicked that he could lose to a free spending independent candidate, harming the GOP's chances of winning Senate control.
Steve Inskeep recaps the weekend's U.S. Open results with Courtney Nguyen, contributing tennis writer for Sports Illustrated.