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The Greek Parliament passed measures to support this week's eurozone-backed bailout agreement, but celebrations were muted at best, and there were large demonstrations against new austerity moves.
The Democrat says she supports the nuclear deal world powers struck with Iran this week. She notes that Iran stuck to the interim agreement, and says the pact's critics haven't offered other options.
The fates of three Iranian-Americans jailed in Iran, and of a former FBI agent who went missing there several years ago, were not addressed in this week's pact with the country.
ICE is again changing the way it handles mothers and children who come here illegally, beginning to release most of them instead of detaining them in controversial "family-friendly" jails.
Scientists have long wondered what's in the wispy cloud of gas floating in the space between the stars, absorbing starlight. Turns out it's a form of carbon named after architect Buckminster Fuller.
The state is reinstating drink specials, although so-called volume specials — like two-for-one, or all-you-can-drink — still won't be allowed.