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Polar bears have been wandering the streets of Arviat in northern Canada more than usual this season. The town has canceled Halloween in fear of unwelcome trick-or-treaters.
Wired reviewed the math homework app PhotoMath, which lets you use a smartphone camera to solve math problems.
A music box with a figurine of Vladimir Putin is expected to be auctioned in Germany for several million dollars. The box, made by world-renowned puppet maker Christian Bailly, plays a Russian Waltz.
Herbie Hancock's new memoir is titled Possibilities....
In a candid interview, the ever-innovative pianist traces the lines between Buddhist chants, Sly Stone and Miles Davis, while shedding new light on some hard facts about his past.
Officers use "StingRays" to mimic a cell phone tower and intercept information from phones in a whole neighborhood. Versions of the devices have been around for years, but the federal government and local police have kept them under wraps.
The North Carolina coast may be the last place you'd think to find a sunken German submarine from World War II. But that's what Joe Hoyt — a nautical archeologist — found on a recent expedition to the ocean floor. Robert Siegel talks to him about the underwater battle site there.