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After an emotional day in Charleston, the city remembers victims of a mass shooting with an evening prayer vigil. It comes after a dramatic hearing where the suspect made a first court appearance.
Putting up with the squawks and squeaks of elementary school band takes patience. A Michigan music store is helping kids stick it out by making sure they choose the right instrument.
This week police in Hamilton, Ontario, took on a slippery threat to public safety: a four-foot long pool of maple syrup. At least that's what they thought. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on the mess.
The Golden State Warriors won their first NBA title in 40 years and the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. ESPN's Howard Bryant gives NPR's Scott Simon the details.
Pedro Barros Diéguez and Albina Macia Fernández, the husband-and-wife owne...
Off the beaten tourist paths, neighborhood tapas bars are part of Spain's charm, but many are being forced out by rising rents. A tour group hopes to save them by helping travelers find them.
Troy Capps found deer antlers in central Oregon's backcountry. Capps is a co...
The popularity of antlers as rustic décor is threatening deer and elk in the Pacific Northwest. The animals can naturally shed antlers, but some people harass or kill animals to get at prized racks.