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In Iraq, a Ramadan game called Mheibbis brings even Sunnis and Shiites together in peaceful competition.
Argentina beat out the Netherlands for a trip to the World Cup final, winning the game in penalty kicks. In the final, Argentina will face Germany, which dismantled Brazil in stunning fashion.
Several families share this one-room underground shelter in Ashkelon, Israel...
The escalating conflict around the Gaza Strip has turned daily routines upside down. A family in Ashkelon, Israel, and one in Gaza City both take shelter — and struggle to keep their children safe.
Inside RCA Studio A, whose sale has sparked a wave of backlash from the Nash...
After decades hosting country greats, RCA Studio A is in jeopardy — and there are local music titans on both sides of the fight.
In a state that hosts one of the nation's closest Senate races, the president spoke about the women's issues that could turn the election. But Sen. Mark Udall opted not to appear alongside Obama.
Deep Springs College is an all-male school — and a working ranch. It sounds very macho, but the increasingly diverse student body says being a man is all about questioning the meaning of masculinity.