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Boston has been buried under piles of snow this winter. The streets are covered and there's more snow on the way. Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi talks to NPR's Scott Simon about how the city is coping.
Lynsey Addario is a photojournalist who has worked in war zones for well ove...
Addario, who was taken captive in 2011 while covering Libya's civil war, talks about her new book It's What I Do; Keaton talks about Birdman, Batman and growing up the youngest of seven.
Hundreds of thousands more people living illegally in the U.S. can soon apply to avoid deportation. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Alan Gomez of USA Today about the president's immigration proposals.
YouTube was registered as a domain name 10 years ago today, and yes, it's gone viral. NPR's Scott Simon looks back on a decade's worth of cat videos, politics, self-help and everything in between.
Gordon Lightfoot has been making music for a long time, and he's still at it five decades later. NPR's Scott Simon talks to him about his 50 Years on the Carefree Highway tour.
For Valentine's Day, Helen Jo, the pastry chef at Little Bird Bistro in Port...
Some say white chocolate has a bad reputation because of its history of poor quality ingredients. But aficionados say its mellow sweetness can bring out flavors that bitter dark chocolate smothers.