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Apple and Facebook now offer egg freezing to female employees. Audie Cornish talks to Emma Rosenblum, an editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, about what the move means for women's careers.
Melissa Block talks with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. As the chief-elected official of the county, Jenkins is also responsible for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department.
Melissa Block talks to BBC correspondent Andrew North about the blizzard and avalanches in Nepal that have killed at least 27 trekkers. The dead include hikers as well as Nepali herders and guides.
As part of our series Letters of Note, former Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley tells Audie Cornish how he once replied to an angry letter from the Ku Klux Klan.
Melissa Block talks with Dr. Lewis Rubinson, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in west Africa. He shares the lessons he learned in treating patients.
A doctor uses a microscrope to view a human egg during in vitro fertilizatio...
Until recently, freezing human eggs was reserved for young women at risk of infertility due to cancer treatments. But some companies now pay for it for healthy women who want to delay motherhood.