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Chocolate is increasingly popular and under assault from diseases that infect cocoa plants. Scientists are working to find varieties that will resist diseases and keep the world's sweet tooth happy.
They've been sketching bold eyebrows and pointy ears on a former prime minister to honor the late actor Leonard Nimoy. The Bank Of Canada says it seems wrong to alter "a symbol of our country."
The song has been a crowd favorite at Ohio State University games since the school's marching band first performed it in 1965. But hang on, the state Senate still has to pass the measure.
NPR's Audie Cornish is in France, which has Europe's largest Muslim population. France is a secular country, and it has a law called "laicite," which maintains a strict separation of church and state.
Monarch butterflies have arrived in Mexico, and conservationists are applauding the country's crack down on illegal loggers who contributed to habitat loss and decline of the species. Now they are turning their attention to the U.S. to help save the migratory insect.
The district has made progress, but many students are stuck with broken strings, squeaky horns and out-of-tune pianos.