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We remember a deadly accident on Florida's Sunshine Skyway Bridge 35 years ago Saturday. We hear from survivors and find out what changes were made after the crash of a ship onto the bridge.
Host Scott Simon reports that a soccer team of African migrants, formed by a priest, has reached the top of its league in Italy's Calabria region.
The "deflategate" investigation is finally out, but where does it leave the Patriots? NPR's Scott Simon talks with Howard Bryant of ESPN about the Pats' legacy, and what might be next for Tom Brady.
The people of France are bemused and entertained by family squabbles at the top of the far-right National Front.
Exciting and colorful Hollywood treasures turn up at the estate sale of a woman who made patterns for renowned costume designers Edith Head and Bob Mackie.
An ice hockey match between the USA and Canada in February 1936, during the ...
Do you know what gross item was originally used as a hockey puck, or what hockey tradition was established at the very first game? Test your know-how, with some help from trivia expert A.J. Jacobs.