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The sentencing phase in convicted Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev begins Tuesday. The jury will have to decide whether to sentence Tsarnaev to the death penalty or life in prison.
Authorities have arrested two alleged smugglers who might be responsible for the deaths. Nearly 2,000 migrants have perished in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year.
NPR's Melissa Block and Robert Siegel correct an error in an earlier piece that said the Charleston Post-Gazette won the 2015 Public Service Pulitzer. It was actually The Post and Courier.
Longtime NPR contributor and film reporter Pat Dowell died Sunday.
Fresh oil puddles on the white sand in Orange Beach, Ala., during the BP oil...
An effort is underway to figure out how the BP oil spill harmed the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. The damage may not be as dire as feared, but researchers say it's too soon to know the long-term impacts.
Major League Baseball is ushering in a whole new era of statistics for TV screens during Tuesday night's Nationals vs. Cardinals broadcast. NPR asks sports writers if the new technology is too much.