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The website Atlas Obscura has mapped out a dozen famous road trips in American literature, from Mark Twain's stagecoach journey to F. Scott Fitzgerald's drive from Connecticut to Montgomery, Ala.
Christine Miller owns Dahlia's Delights in White Sulphur Springs, N.Y. Locals and tourists alike line up for her paninis, hot off the press and filled with fresh produce from her garden out back.
A new study looks at the lyrics of the 93 bestselling music artists in recording history. Turns out rappers tend to have a wider vocabulary than others. Famous wordsmith Bob Dylan came in fifth.
Fashion Institute of Technology students Erika Morales (left) and Nas Rivera...
Almost 60 million Americans have a permanent disability, but the fashion industry hasn't tapped into that market. Activists and designers are trying to change that, a signature and a stitch at a time.
Civil defense workers wear gas masks near damaged ground in a village near t...
Activists say the Syrian regime continues to attack its people with chlorine gas — with little reaction from an international community once focused on preventing Syria's use of chemical weapons.
Obama administration sources tell NPR they won't try to stop the release of Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted of spying for Israel and is eligible for parole in the fall.