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New research suggests umpires are hesitant to make calls that change the course of the game, especially in games with high stakes.
If Democrat Michelle Nunn wins in Georgia, it'll likely be because of strong African-American voter turnout. Black churches are busing congregants to early voting locations after Sunday services.
Dr. Angela Alday talks with Isidro Hernandes, via a Spanish-speaking interpr...
When patient and doctor don't speak the same language, it's not enough to have an ad hoc interpreter. You need an adult fluent in both languages — who can also cut through medical jargon.
The CDC and Pentagon are both training "go-teams" that can be on the ground within days of an Ebola diagnosis in the U.S. Team members learn about containing infection and dealing with the stress, but it's unclear how these crews will work with each other.
With Election Day just over a week away, NPR politics editor Charlie Mahtesian and NPR congressional reporter Juana Summers join us for a look at the state of play in pivotal races across the country.
The gold standard for transit subsidies is about to be taken by Dubai. On its Public Transport Day, Nov. 1, Dubai is giving away an array of prizes, including almost 9 pounds of gold.