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Carl reads three news-related limericks: Camp Popsicle, Still Life, Criminally Hot.
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.
Now that biting is out, what will be the next way players gain an advantage at the World Cup?
Director Gillian Robespierre (left) co-wrote Obvious Child as a short film i...
Singer Mary Gauthier discusses what inspired Trouble & Love; Ken Tucker reviews Miranda Lambert's latest album Platinum; and the women behind Obvious Child talk farts, abortion and stage fright.
Libya's Gen. Khalifa Hifter speaks at a news conference in Abyar, a small to...
Khalifa Hifter was one of Moammar Gadhafi's top generals who eventually fled to the U.S. Now he's back in Libya, a polarizing figure waging a harsh crackdown on Islamist militants.
Joan Rivers' other books include I Hate Everyone ... Starting With Me and Me...
The comic has made a career out of saying exactly what she thinks. She tells NPR's Scott Simon, "I'm the one who says, 'The emperor has no clothes.'" Her new book is Diary of a Mad Diva.