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A new Frontline documentary explores what life is like for the girls and women who have been enslaved by Islamic State militants, and also tells the story of those fighting to free them.
The Wisconsin governor, famed for his battles with state labor unions, hopes his track record can help him stand out in a crowded field of Republican candidates.
New research shows that states that are highly competitive in presidential elections are twice as likely to receive presidential disaster declarations — and the financial aid that comes with them.
The parliament starts debate Tuesday on the new bailout plan agreed to over the weekend with eurozone countries. Given the concessions Greece agreed to, it's likely to be a very stormy session.
Early Tuesday morning, NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft will complete the first-ever flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto. NPR's Geoff Brumfiel reports live from the New Horizons Control center.
The social media titan has been cracking down on names it perceives to be fake, even if they no longer are — as Jemmaroid Von Laalaa recently discovered.