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China's President Xi Jinping has launched a number of crackdowns since comin...
President Xi Jinping has suppressed Internet speech, imposed greater censorship and jailed critics. But his battle against corruption has made him broadly popular among ordinary Chinese.
The fast-food restaurant operator Burger King has announced that it's in talks to buy Tim Horton's, a Canadian chain of restaurants. The acquisition would likely herald the move of Burger King's headquarters to Canada, in an attempted tax inversion.
A new outbreak of Ebola is being reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But scientists say it's not related to the Ebola epidemic going on in West Africa.
Alfred Molina (left) and John Lithgow play George and Ben in Love Is Strange...
The film about a 40-year relationship is "prosaic and quotidian," says John Lithgow, "and that's what's so amazing about it." Alfred Molina agrees: "It is the epic quality of the ordinary."
Lyft driver Danielle Kerley showcases the company's iconic mustache which is...
A researcher says startups Uber and Lyft aren't really ride-sharing services. An emerging set of services being tested promises to be more about sharing and less about being like taxis.
It's been two weeks since the 18-year-old was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Mo. Large crowds are expected to attend Brown's funeral Monday; his dad asked for peace after weeks of protests.