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Renee Montagne talks to Graeme Smith of the International Crisis Group about Mullah Omar's rise to power, the details of his death and what this means for Afghanistan's peace talks with the Taliban.
GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was criticized for evoking the Holocaust in comments on Iran's nuclear deal. It's the latest chapter in relations between Jewish and evangelical communities.
Scientists who study bird behavior have made fake eggs to put in nests to see how birds react. This handicraft is going high-tech. (This piece first aired on May 26, 2015, on All Things Considered.)
After walking away from a half-way house, Jason Stange auditioned for an indie movie. He got the part playing a deranged doctor. Police recognized him in an article about the making of the film.
The Kentucky bourbon advertises itself as handmade. Two people in California sued, calling that false advertising. Look at publicity photos from the company: it's made using equipment and automation.
The Afghan government said Wednesday that Taliban leader Mullah Omar "died in April 2013 in Pakistan." The news comes just as peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban are due to resume.