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Regulators wants millions of cars with suspect air bags recalled. Carmakers have been sending notices first to owners in warmer climates, where the bags are thought to pose the greatest danger.
As we wait for the announcement on whether a white police officer will be indicted in the shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old, we examine the case before the panel.
As states struggle to obtain lethal drugs necessary to put someone to death, Ohio lawmakers consider a bill that would shield the ID of any pharmacy or drug maker which provide drugs for executions.
Williams, Scott & Associates is alleged to have threatened debtors with arrest, criminal charges and the loss of driving privileges. The owner and six employees were arrested.
Last September's entry into the White House by an Iraq War veteran who scaled the fence along Pennsylvania Avenue is the focus of another hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday.
A bid to overhaul the National Security Agency has failed. The measure didn't receive enough votes in the Senate Tuesday night to cut off debate.