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The cover features an image apparently of Islam's prophet shedding a tear and holding a sign that reads: "Je Suis Charlie." It comes less than a week after a deadly attack on the magazine.
Ohio State routed Oregon 42-20 Monday night in Arlington, Texas. The game's offensive MVP, running back Ezekiel Elliot, rushed for 246 years and four touchdowns.
Ross Ulbricht is accused of running the now defunct site. For years, the website allowed hundreds of thousands of drug buyers, and thousands of drug dealers, to find each other online anonymously.
When oil prices dropped in the 1980s, Louisiana was hit hard. The impacts of this latest drop have yet to be fully felt, but the City of New Orleans is more resilient this time.
On the Isles of Scilly, just off the coast of England, someone forced their way into a soccer club's shed, damaging a door and leaving one clue: a fried egg.
Ever since losing an eye, other fish at the Vancouver Aquarium bullied a half-blind rockfish. The prosthetic eye, however, is helping, according to reports.