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Since residents couldn't stop the annual march, officials had it sponsored. For every mile the Nazis marched, companies donated to a support group for neo-Nazis who want out.
A tangle of protein (green) in this scanning electron micrograph of a brain ...
Faulty forms of the brain protein tau trigger tangles inside and outside brain cells of Alzheimer's patients. Scientists say figuring out how to stop bad tau's spread from cell to cell might be key.
Many attempts have been made by India and Pakistan to ease regional tensions through cricket. But the sport's reputation as the "Gentlemen's Game" is a lie: deceit, betrayal and bare-faced criminality abound.
Russian plans to build nuclear plants in Iran. Robert Siegel talks with Ariane Tabatabai, columnist for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, about how that might affect the nuclear talks resuming on Tuesday.
Some church sermons seem like they go on forever, but Florida pastor Zach Zehnder's takes the cake. He recently spoke for 58 hours and 18 minutes — on purpose.
The term "hairy arms" is used in the world of graphic design and illustration. But what does that mean? Melissa Block talks to graphic designer Jessica Frease about the industry lingo.