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Israeli voters go to the polls in two weeks. One issue that prompted the government's fall in December was an impassioned debate over exactly how Jewish this democratic country should be.
Former Secretary of State and likely future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to a large group of female political donors Tuesday night in Washington, D.C.
A Justice Department investigation finds police and local courts in Ferguson, Mo., routinely violate the constitution and federal laws. Civil rights investigators cite a pattern of racial bias.
Civil rights investigators say police In Ferguson arrest African Americans and charge them more often than white people. Ferguson residents say they're happy that someone finally heard the complaints.
As the Israeli prime minister attacked a nuclear deal with Iran in a speech ti Congress, Secretary of State Kerry sat with his Iranian counterpart in Switzerland, trying to reach a framework deal.
Twelve jurors and six alternates will spend the next several months considering the 30 federal charges against alleged bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Prosecutors say they have a mountain of evidence.