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The TV show, based on Eddie Huang's memoir, retains some of the book's raw sensibility, but as he tells it, it's been a fight to keep his life's story from becoming a "cornstarch sitcom."
The Weekends on All Things Considered series "My Big Break" is turning a year old this weekend. NPR's Arun Rath talks with producer Daniel Hajek about his experience making the series.
A dog named Sky activates the tug sensor on the FIDO vest. The vest is a pie...
Wearable tech is popping up everywhere, and now there's a new vest that has GPS, can make phone calls and can talk back like Siri. But it's not for people — it's for service dogs.
Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom cover detail...
Lynda Blackmon Lowery was still a child when she joined the legendary 1965 march. Now she's written a book for young readers about the experience, called Turning 15 On The Road To Freedom.
Chris Hemsworth plays hacker and furloughed convict Nicholas Hathaway in Bla...
Over his years as a director, Michael Mann has taken on many crime stories. In his new film, malware is a central villain and the hero battles an adversary who resides in the virtual world.
On Sunday, Scott Mitchell from England won the BDO World Darts Championship — the Super Bowl of the dart world. He conquered three-time world champion Martin Adams in a dramatic final.