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Host Steve Inskeep explores modern-day humiliation with writer Jon Ronson, whose new book So You've Been Publicly Shamed digs into the lives of people who've been raked over the coals on social media.
How do African American men feel about themselves and each other? We hear from professional black men, and find out if they have ever had the experience as being seen as frightening.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the military is looking for cyber professionals and others, saying it may have to waive barriers like age requirements in order to attract enough tech-savvy recruits.
Engineers have removed the cutter head from the enormous tunneling machine nicknamed Bertha. The malfunctioning part had been stuck for more than a year in a highway project under the city's downtown.
We'll know later on Tuesday whether negotiators met their deadline to reach a deal. Steve Inskeep talks to Joseph Cirincione, president of Ploughshares Fund, about the root of distrust with Iran.
As concerns grow that the law is a license to discriminate, GOP lawmakers are seeking clarification for the measure. Democrats say that doesn't go far enough, calling for full repeal of the law.