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Force's first Funny Cars are on display at the John Force Race Shop in Yorba...
Force has been drag racing professionally since 1974. The 65-year-old has gone from blowing up his 10,000-horsepower engines to winning championships, and he has all the scars to prove it.
Ani Cordero's new album is Recordar: Latin American Songs Of Love And Protes...
A founder of the Latin rock band Pistolera, Cordero uses her new solo album, Recordar, to shed light on a time in Latin American history when important voices were silenced.
Harley-Davidson riders reveal Project LiveWire, the first electric Harley-Da...
Harley-Davidson has rolled out a prototype of its first battery-powered motorcycle. It's sporty and speedy, but quieter than your average Harley — and you'll need to charge it about every 50 miles.
Ahmed Abu Khattala is the first person facing charges over the attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya. NPR's Arun Rath talks with justice correspondent Carrie Johnson about his first day in court.
NPR'S Arun Rath talks to The Guardian's Ghaith Abdul-Ahad about how Sunnis in Iraq view the insurgent group and whether there is still the possibility of a political solution to the violence there.
Silicon Valley's dynamic economy is attracting investors from all over the world — and Australia's getting in on the game. co-founder Carlos Watson explains why Australia is investing now.