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At the U.S. Open, two tennis players on the women's side of the draw have reached their first Grand Slam Semi Finals. Don Gonyea talks to Courtney Nguyen, a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated.
The decision marks the first time a federal court has upheld a gay marriage ban since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act last year.
After making a 100lb burger, Epic Meal Time, a Canadian YouTube show, moved on to encased meats. To honor the Inland Empire 66ers, a minor league baseball team, they created: The 66lbs Hot Dog Sundae.
In Indiana, a judge told one lawyer that he could be fined if he doesn't start wearing socks in court. The lawyer has been admonished for this before, and reportedly responded, "I hate socks."
President Obama visited Estonia, in an attempt to reassure Estonians of the support of the U.S. and NATO. Estonia and its neighbors Latvia and Lithuania are all NATO members, but they have grown increasing concerned about a potential security threat from Russia.
Foreign leaders are descending on Wales for this week's NATO summit, and the influx is a big deal for the small country on the western edge of the UK. Roy Noble of BBC Radio Wales explains just what this means for the region.