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The Minnesota Republican is not running for a fifth House term. She wrote in BuzzFeed that she'll miss, among other things, smoke-filled rooms and Seersucker Thursdays.
Large protests on Staten Island in response to the decision not to indict a police officer in the chokehold death of a black man have been peaceful — in part thanks to the encouragement of his father.
Attorney General Holder, saying that this and other recent cases had frayed trust between authorities and the community, announced the investigation late Wednesday.
The premier left-wing party of Mexican politics — which brought gay marriage to the capital and favors abortion rights — is crumbling. An elder statesman resigned, saying the PRD has lost its leftist identity and the party has been damaged by its association with a mayor accused of involvement in the killing of 43 college students.
A federal appeals court stayed the execution of Scott Panetti in Texas on Wednesday. He was scheduled to die for murdering his mother and father-in-law. Panetti is mentally ill and his case is focused attention on capital punishment and mental illness.
On Wednesday in Washington, D.C., three of many men and women who are talked about as presidential contenders gave foreign policy speeches.