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In the mid-1920s, Paramount Records was the leading blues label in America. The second box set featuring this music was released in late 2014.
A video from the so-called Islamic State purports to show a mass beheading of Coptic Christians from Egypt. The 21 Egyptians were kidnapped in Libya last week.
A ceasefire went into effect in eastern Ukraine over the weekend but confrontation continues in the strategic area of Debaltseve. David Greene talks to freelance reporter Alec Luhn.
After a deadly attack outside a synagogue in Copenhagen, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said his government is considering a fund to support Jewish immigration from France, Belgium and Ukraine.
Anyone who has suffered a break up knows it can take time to get over it. While wallowing in self pity isn't a great idea, reflecting on a recent break up can help speed up the healing process.
On this holiday, we look ahead to who might enter the 2016 presidential race. Is Democrat Hillary Clinton going to run, and what Republicans might decide to enter the race?