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A team of botanists has discovered a new species of carnivorous plant in Southeastern Brazil — after finding it in a photo posted on Facebook.
Journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who was arrested and sent to prison in Egypt in 2013, talks to Renee Montagne. After spending 14 months in prison and 5 months out on bail, he faces a retrial.
About 6,500 athletes from 165 countries took part in what is often called the most moving sporting event in the world. David Greene talks to ESPN producer Kate Jackson, who covered the Games.
Mexico's first lady promised she would would sell a multimillion-dollar home bought under controversial circumstances. Many questions remain regarding the purchase, and she hasn't sold the house.
A two year old in Louisiana perks up whenever Morris Bart's commercials come on TV. So his parents threw him a Morris Bart birthday party — complete with Bart's face on a cake and a T-shirt.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 85, shared on Facebook the declaration form he filled after after Apollo 11 returned from the moon in 1969. He brought back Moon rocks and Moon dust.