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Lab scientists are trying to understand why some corpses buried in northwestern Poland were singled out for special anti-vampire treatments, such as putting a sickle around the neck.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Renee Montagne talks to music commentator Miles Hoffman about musical "thank yous." Hoffman is the violist of the American Camber Players.
One of the most closely watched OPEC meeting in years takes place in Vienna on Thursday. Oil prices are at a four-year low and a push for a production cut is being stymied by Saudi intransigence.
The Environmental Protect Agency has drafted regulations on Ozone pollution. The latest move exposes divisions between the Obama administration and leading Republican lawmakers over the environment.
An illustrated turkey on a football field....
It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without football. The Chicago Bears face the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers.
Copies of Shakespeare's first folio are some of the rarest books in the world — only about 230 copies survive. Surprisingly, another copy has been rediscovered in a public library in northern France.