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The so-called Islamic State, also known as Isis, seized Ramadi after government forces left their positions. The action came despite U.S. airstrikes and efforts of Iraqi ground forces to repel ISIS.
Rohingya Muslims are fleeing their homeland of Myanmar but no country will take them in. Steve Inskeep talks to Matthew Smith of Fortify Rights, a nonprofit watchdog that documents Rohingyas' plight.
An economist in the United Kingdom looked at how 150 TV series finales affected the U.S. stock market. He observed a decrease in stock returns on the following trading day.
Ex-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romeny went 2 rounds with boxer Evander Holyfield in a charity event. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin played hockey in a game showcasing retired Russian pros.
GOP presidential hopefuls converged in Iowa for the Lincoln Day Dinner. More candidates are entering the presidential race, in part, because there is no obvious next-in-line for the GOP nomination.
A man in Wakefield, England, drove his car in circles under the fountain's jets. The cleaning continued until a police car drove up. No word if the driver was ticketed or if he was packing a ShamWow.