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Treatment units in Liberia stand nearly empty, but a dozen or so Ebola cases still appear each day, with clusters in Monrovia and rural areas. The CDC's chief there wants the nation to stay alert.
The 92-year-old was working as a military contractor in 1971 when he patented a piece of equipment that could create and control dots on a TV screen.
Ohio State's romp in the Big Ten championship game propelled the Buckeyes past TCU and Baylor in the eyes of the college football playoffs selection committee — and NPR's Tom Bowman.
In her runoff against Republican Bill Cassidy, incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, D.-La., didn't just lose — she was walloped. The win gave the GOP complete dominance of the Deep South in the Senate.
After an official signaled a touchdown for Denver in the Broncos' win, he and another ref exchanged a fist-bump. A player calls it proof of bias; the NFL says they were excited to get the call right.
Bob Smithson, 79, can now hold his head upright and breathe on his own, than...
When Bob Smithson could no longer breathe on his own and surgeons wanted to operate, his doctor decided to take a chance on a different treatment. That decision gave Bob another chance at life.