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Several craft beermakers are expanding, setting up operations in North Carolina. Producing there means brewers must tinker with local water, so the beer's taste remains the same as it does back home.
As the West moves more into a record-setting drought, many are taking a look at how water gets used. Alfalfa grown with Colorado River water is a case study of how and why water gets used as it does.
Robin Williams was found dead at his home in California on Monday. The cause of death is believed to be suicide, according to a statement by the Marin County Sheriff's Office. Williams was 63.
Steve Inskeep talks to Steven Levy about his story in Wired magazine on the new app created by a team of people that includes the developers of Siri and IBM's Watson.
Joanna Scarpitti loved that movie so much that she made her daughter promise that when she died that a famous line would be used in her obituary. Scarpitti's obit began: "Ding dong the witch is dead."
After going to a bar, the man got into an argument, threw a mug of beer against a wall, nearly hit someone and was arrested. He was still dressed in his white tuxedo as police led him off to jail.