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One of the films that is premiering at Cannes and that is getting a lot of attention is the latest animated feature from Pixar: Inside Out. Son of Saul and Carol are also getting a lot of buzz.
He wasn't excessively blatant. But a photo in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shows Erbert Johnson using his middle finger to scratch his head.
Joseph Crea found law books along the side of the road during the Great Depression. He celebrated his 100th birthday on Monday. He taught law classes up until last September.
Today, it's an insult to call someone a Luddite. But that's not fair to the original Luddites — cloth workers who launched a war against the machines that were taking their jobs.
Music commentator Meredith Ochs reviews the new album by singer Shelby Lynne, I Can't Imagine.
Edward Lee, owner of the restaurant 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Ky., shares a dish he calls his life on a plate: pork ribs and sauerkraut. Story first aired on May 22, 2014 on All Things Considered.