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Starting next year, HBO says it will offer its programming on the web to those without a cable subscription. The service will be offered in the U.S. and there are plans to bring it overseas.
Melissa Block talks with C.J. Chivers, foreign correspondent for The New York Times, about his in-depth reporting on abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq and their casualties.
Audie Cornish speaks with Amy Corcoran, who shares a treasure from her childhood: a letter she received when she was 7 years old, from her favorite author at the time, Roald Dahl.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the second healthcare worker in Dallas to test positive for Ebola traveled on a commercial airliner the day before she began exhibiting symptoms.
Audie Cornish talks to Michael Levi of the Council on Foreign Relations about the ripple effects of plunging oil prices, and what they mean for American consumers.
Ten plaintiffs are suing the government over policies and practices at a residential center in New Mexico, where 648 women and children are being held while awaiting the outcome of their asylum cases.