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Slupsk Mayor Robert Biedron (from left) and LGBT activists Marta Abramowicz ...
Poland does not allow gay marriage or same-sex unions, and is unlikely to amend these laws anytime soon. But the city of Gdansk elected an openly gay mayor and has hosted its first gay pride march.
At a prayer vigil for victims in the recent South Carolina church shooting, professor Chenjerai Kumanyika found himself unable to join hands with a white woman — and he wondered why.
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Rep. Tom Price, who has led efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act. Price, a doctor, has introduced alternatives that he says would cover more people.
Ukrainian national guardsmen practice protecting and recovering wounded comr...
The U.S. won't give the Ukrainian army lethal weapons to fight Russian-backed rebels, but it has sent 300 trainers to help the beleaguered, bedraggled Ukrainian military.
Thursday's court ruling upheld subsidies nationwide under the Affordable Care Act. And unlike the court's previous Obamacare ruling, the majority was unified and the tone was broad.
In 1922, seven states drew up a plan for dividing the waters of the Colorado River. But they overestimated how much water the river could provide — and now 40 million Americans face a water crisis.