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The Schmitts uncovered 52 gold coins worth more than $1 million, believed to have been lost 300 years ago when a fleet of Spanish ships sank during a hurricane along Florida's coast.
The parents of convicted shooter James Holmes took the stand in the sentencing phase of the trial. They told the Colorado jury that their son is mentally ill and should not receive the death penalty.
A grand jury has handed up an indictment on murder charges against a University of Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop.
The arrest of a University of Cincinnati police officer for murder illustrates the new reality for cops: with public pressure and video evidence, they may no longer get the benefit of the doubt.
Police reinforcements are being sent to the French port city of Calais to try to deal with thousand of migrants trying to get to Britain. The migrants are mostly from the Middle East or Africa.
Renee Montagne talks to Graeme Smith of the International Crisis Group about Mullah Omar's rise to power, the details of his death and what this means for Afghanistan's peace talks with the Taliban.