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Former Democratic Congressman James Traficant of Ohio was known for his flamboyant pompadour of a toupee and even more flamboyant speeches on the House floor.
On Monday, opening statements begin in the trial of 12 educators charged in an alleged cheating conspiracy. Originally, 35 were indicted but more than half took plea deals.
House Speaker John Boehner told ABC's This Week that he may bring Congress back for a special session, if necessary, to give the president authority to wage a full-out fight against the Islamic State.
For a view from the ground of the U.S. led airstrikes on Islamic State militants, Audie Cornish talks with Zaina Erhaim, project coordinator for the Syrian Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
Denzel Washington stars as a retired intelligence officer in The Equalizer....
When Denzel Washington and director Anton Fuqua collaborated on 2001's Training Day, the film won Washington an Oscar and changed the trajectory of his career. They're together again in The Equalizer.
High school athletes were running a cross country meet in Alaska when some encountered a bear. The meet was disrupted, but Taylee Nyquist ran well. She tells KRBD, she ran like a bear was chasing her.