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Julissa Arce's tourist visa expired when she was 14. She excelled in high sc...
Julissa Arce was a stellar student and an even better financial analyst, but she was scared to go to work every day. "Maybe today's the day someone's going to find out," she feared.
The demonstration, tens of thousands strong, also served as a show of defiance against President Vladimir Putin.
"I want them to feel like rock stars," says teacher Diane Downs....
Diane Downs teaches music to the Louisville Leopard Percussionists in Kentucky. She says she hopes the kids feel like rock stars now that a video of their Led Zeppelin medley went viral on YouTube.
The prime minister is headed to Washington to address Congress despite objections from the White House. Host Arun Rath speaks with NPR's Emily Harris iabout how Israelis regard the controversial trip.
Freedom House paramedics, who first were deployed in the 1960s, provided a c...
The groundbreaking ambulance service was created in the 1960s as the city struggled with racial tensions and poor medical transport. It trained African-American men to provide crucial emergency care.
Sikh temples traditionally offer meals to those in need. In suburban London, the homeless — regardless of their religion — are turning to a van run by Sikh volunteers for food.